Monday, February 6

Dozo Izakaya, Shanghai

Ok, maybe it wasn't as easy to jump start into this again, however I'm making attempts on my lunch break =) So here goes nothing...

In Shanghai you're never short of finding copy-cats or same named restaurants. There is only one Dozo Izakaya worth mentioning, which allows you to cat walk down a runway before making a grand entrance to your table, let's you see 'traditional' drum performances, and has a huge tower of beer.

This nightclub looking restaurant (borderline outrageous...) is designed to make you feel like you're in (what I would imagine) a 21st century Geisha House...and if you get a reserved table for you and your friends (minimum spend 2,000RMB..sounds expensive but when you pack 10 people per room your bill isn't so hefty) you will ultimately feel like you're Street Fighter's Vega cage. As with traditional Japanese styled with tatami's you are politely asked to remove your shoes where slippers are provided for you before you enter the room. The hosts and hostesses are well mannered (compared to other Chinese restaurants) and come quickly at your service.

Now...I don't usually translate swanky decor means good food however Dozo Izakaya's food is worth mentioning. I've been there twice now and their food has been consistently tasty.

The 'special' spicy tune role. Just a hint of spicy mayo on a large slab of tuna (thicker cut than most restaurants give)

Japanese Beef Sukiyaki, subtly sweet sukiyaki broth with tender slices of meet
with a variety of veggies & noodles (tip: put noodles in to thicken up soup)
One of our favorites, cheese stuffed Shiitake mushrooms
Their drinks are decently priced as well, the tower of Asahi draft we get (split well amongst 6 or more) is less than 260RMB - and many of their cocktails are under 50RMB. If you aren't going for the food, at least go for the entertainment - it's worth bringing a few friends along to share this experience~

DOZO Izakaya
2F, South Annex, Wheelock Square, 1717 Nanjing West Road, Jing An District, Shanghai